Cabot Coach Builders

Our History & Experience

Cabot Coach Builders Cabot Coach Builders represents over 40 years of exceptional craftsmanship and refined customization of vehicles ranging from luxury sedans and limousines to specialty vehicles, community outreach vehicles, mobility vans, luxury vans, shuttles, mini-coaches, and the latest innovations in recreational vehicles (RVs).

We specialize in providing expertly customized purpose-built vehicles, all designed to meet the specific needs of each individual customer, designed and delivered with a concierge-level of service that you deserve.

Our lines include:
RoyaleRV  |  Royale Limousine  |  Royale Mini Coaches  |  Cabot Specialty Vehicles



RoyaleRVYour custom-built TRAVELALL® recreational vehicle by Cabot Coach Builders combines the quality, safety, and reliability of the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter with the comfort and convenience features of a luxury RV and touring coach.



Royale Limousine

Royale LimousineCrafted for livery professionals and known for building the finest in limo vans, Royale Limousine has a long history of delivering elegant and imposing custom limousines. Cabot Coach Builders is a recognized industry leader, selected by Lincoln Motor Company to build their limited-edition, Continental Coach Door edition, called The 2020 Ultimate American Luxury Sedan

Learn more about this limited-edition Lincoln at: »


Cabot Coach Builders did an incredible job of making this car look totally factory stock, even though it is completely customized… Tremendously well done.”


—Doug Demuro, Review of the Lincoln Continental Coach Door Edition



Royale Mini Coaches

Royale Mini CoachesIf you need to move passengers, Cabot Coach Builders has you covered. From mobility vans to commercial shuttle vans, to personal luxury vans, our line of Royale Mini Coaches utilizes the technically advanced Ford Transit and luxurious Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, to offer the ultimate combination of fuel economy, safety, durability, and operational efficiency, along with the highest level of luxury, convenience, productivity features, and seating plans to meet a wide variety of commercial and personal requirements.

Royale Sprinter Mini Coaches


Cabot Specialty Vehicles

Cabot Specialty VehiclesTruck and van customization for mobile applications like broadcast, community outreach, mobile medical, mobile workspace, and public safety requires expertise and careful planning to ensure your goals are met. Cabot Coach Builders has the history and background to help maximize your space and investment in a vehicle that suits your specific application.

Transtit Community Outreach