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Driving Change in Healthcare Delivery

Mobile Medical Vans Bring Healthcare to Remote and Underserved Communities

Mobile Medical VansCabot Specialty Vehicles is helping to drive a change in how healthcare is delivered to underserved communities. Our customized medical vans allow healthcare organizations, insurance groups, and state health agencies to make healthcare more accessible to both rural and urban communities. Popularized during the 2019 Covid pandemic when mobile medical vans played an essential role in getting vaccines out to remote areas of the U.S., mobile medical clinics are now seeing up to 10-million visits annually.[1] Mobile medical vans improve community health, save money, and advance health equity.

2023 Mobile Clinic Impact Across the U.S.

2023 Mobile Clinic Impact Across the U.S.


Healthcare on the Go!

With medical vans, health centers are now freed from their brick-and-mortar locations. Cabot Specialty Vehicles vans can hit the road with a fully equipped medical exam lab to provide on-the-spot primary care, including preventative screenings, vaccines and immunizations, blood work, and more! And with rugged 4x4 options, our vans are a viable option for hard-to-reach locations after floods and other natural disasters.

Cabot Specialty Vehicles - Mobile Medical Van Interior Option


Mobile medical vans are “the modern-day equivalent of the public health nurses on horseback… traveling to the communities of underserved clients.”

Mobile Traveling Healthcare Teams: An Innovative Delivery System for Underserved Populations [2]

Optimize Care for Your Demographics and Needs

Our vans are custom built to meet the specific needs of each organization, whether you’re a healthcare provider, community outreach program, or government agency. Interiors can be equipped with full-length exam tables, work counters, temperature control, refrigeration, storage, high-speed internet, and state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment from industry leaders like Welch Allyn. Add in our solar-powered Battery+ system, and you can bring reliable, quality healthcare to almost any situation.


“Our company was looking for a Mobile Medical Unit we could use for Covid response and searched far and wide for a company that could help us get the job done quickly. Cabot Specialty Vehicles was very responsive and helped us stay on budget. The delivered product was clean and exceeded our expectations!”

— Amy —
One Community Health, Oregon

Reach out by email or call our consultation team at 800.544.5587, and our design experts will guide you in selecting and customizing the perfect medical van for your regional requirements.

2023 Mobile Clinic Impact Across the U.S.

About Cabot Specialty Vehicles

Cabot Specialty Vehicles, a division of Cabot Coach Builders, is a leading manufacturer of custom, cost-effective vans built on the Ford Transit and Mercedes-Benz Sprinter platforms. Leveraging more than 40 years of upfitting experience, we offer a wide range of models from mobile communication to mobile medical, public safety, mobile workspace, and community outreach vans. Cabot Specialty Vehicles provides a highly specialized skill set, superior customer service, and excellent after-sale support to ensure that your vehicle meets your needs now and for many years to come.

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2. Glenda C. Walker, RN, PhD · Viviana Martinez-Gomez, MS, LCDC, CART · Roberto O. Gonzalez, MS | Mobile Traveling Healthcare Teams: An Innovative Delivery System for Underserved Populations | September 30, 2018 · DOI: 10.3912/OJIN.Vol23No03Man03 ·


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