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The Navigator and Escalade ESV Mobile Office from Royale

Designed for executives and high net-worth individuals for whom time is precious and comfort is paramount, Royale presents the custom handcrafted Lincoln Navigator CEO and Cadillac Escalade ESV Mobile Office. No effort has been spared to make the Royale ESV Mobile Office the embodiment of convenience and connectivity, quiet luxury, safety and security, and cutting-edge technology—combined with renowned Royale quality and reliability.

Customized Comfort

Distractions from less-than-optimal comfort can reduce your productivity—unless you’re riding in a Royale ESV Mobile Office. Starting with the outstanding Cadillac Escalade platform featuring adjustable magnetic suspension, highly capable powertrain and solid platform construction, Royale proceeds with an in-depth review of your specific needs and personal preferences. Our skilled interior designers, vehicle upfitters and electronics engineers will produce a specification package for your approval, including 3D renderings, materials samples, and detailed fitments, communications and entertainment technology specifications as desired. Only the best materials are used, from UltraLeathers, and soft wool carpeting to polished fine woodwork worthy of the finest home. Of course, a wide range of customization options are offered, from floor plans and electronics /convenience fittings to lighting, materials, and color palettes.

Personalized productivity.

Every senior executive has his or her own particular way of working, and Royale will accommodate your preferences, allowing you to maximize both your productivity and your relaxation while traveling. Every amenity—from a 32-inch video screen, 4G and Bluetooth connectivity, and a state-of-the-art entertainment and audio system, to six-way adjustable seats with power leg extensions, chilled wet bar, and tablet / laptop tables crafted from select hardwoods—is designed to ensconce you in sumptuous comfort while catering to your wishes with fingertip conveniences, including Royale’s exclusive Touch Control command center.

Reliable. Safe. Secure.

Cadillac’s outstanding build quality and vehicle safety technology is further protected and enhanced by Royale’s inclusive warranty—and as important, Royale’s sterling reputation for durability, reliability, and meticulous upfitting care. And because safety and security concerns for some individuals often involve more than mechanical and electronics reliability, Royale can offer a variety of security enhancements including ballistic armoring to protect occupants from various threat levels up to and including B5/VPAM (resistance to a 7.62 x39mm AK-47 round traveling at 720 meters per second). Add to this, the Escalade ESV’s discreet, low-key exterior appearance, and you have a mobile office that neither attracts unwanted attention nor is easily vulnerable to intrusion.

We invite you to learn more about the advantages of the Royale Navigator CEO and Escalade ESV Mobile Office by contacting your Royale representative.

For more information please call us toll free at: 1.800.544.5587

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