Sprinter Airport/Hotel Shuttle

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Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Airport/Hotel Shuttle by Royale

Sprinter UpfitterMercedes Sprinter Airport/Hotel Shuttles, as customized by Royale, offer a variety of practical features to meet a wide range of business requirements. Designed to suit the specific needs of airport hotels and large corporate offices with satellite employee parking areas, Royale’s Sprinter Airport/Hotel shuttle vans provide generous, comfortable seating capacity, the flexibility of either a wide-opening sliding door for easy entry or a space-efficient bus door; illuminated destination signs, luggage racks available in custom sizes, and a BraunAbility® wheelchair lift if required. Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans are renowned for engineering excellence, reliability, build quality, durable smooth-riding chassis design, and cost-effective operation; Royale adds a 3 Year/36,000 Mile vehicle and 5 Year/100,000 Mile engine warranty, plus the meticulously crafted finishing details and business-specific options to tailor Sprinter vans for dedicated Airport/Hotel shuttle use. What’s more, each and every Royale Sprinter Airport / Hotel Shuttle is subjected to rigorous testing that ensures it meets or exceeds all applicable Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS).

The Mercedes Sprinter Airport / Hotel Shuttle by Royale offers a range of practical features and options, including:

  • Fuel-efficient 4-cylinder twin-turbo diesel engine
  • Space-Efficient Bi-fold Bus Door or Easy-Entry Sliding Door
  • Rear Double Door
  • Front External Lighted Destination Sign
  • Side Window Inside Lighted Destination Sign
  • Perimeter Seating in Durable Handsome Vinyl or Vibrant Cloth
  • Multiple USB, 12v and 110v charging ports
  • Custom Size Interior Luggage Racks
  • Roof Top A/C Condenser for Maximum Performance
  • Low Profile Under-Vehicle Condenser
  • Fixed Position 19-inch TV Monitor
  • Optional BraunAbility® Wheelchair Lift

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