Sprinter Business Coach

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Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Business Van by Royale

Sprinter UpfitterThe Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van conversions for Business can be upfitted by Royale to fulfill a range of corporate transport needs while offering attractive fuel economy, passenger comfort and Mercedes quality ensuring durability and good return on investment (ROI). The 144-inch and 170-inch wheelbase versions provide a stable, comfortable ride combined with good handling characteristics, and the durable, sophisticated diesel engine combines fuel economy with more than adequate power.

Royale offers a wide range of options for the Mercedes Sprinter Business Van from which to select, depending on the corporate need, including:

  • Custom design services for storage and work solutions
  • Lighting, electrical and power convenience upgrades
  • Passenger seating and productivity configurations
  • Audio and Video presentation options
  • Satellite TV and Wireless communications

For more information please call us toll free at: 1.800.544.5587

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