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Sprinter UpfitterThe Cabot Coach Builders Royale division has crafted an exquisite Mercedes-Benz Sprinter MC078 coach van, meticulously designed to offer unparalleled comfort and luxury for its 15 passengers. This opulent shuttle van provides a seamless blend of sophistication and practicality, ensuring an unforgettable travel experience.

The exterior of the van boasts a sleek and refined design, showcasing the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter’s iconic silhouette enhanced with subtle yet distinctive Royale division touches. The vehicle’s aerodynamic lines and polished finish exude elegance while maintaining a commanding presence on the road.


  • Spacious Layout: Upon entering, passengers are greeted by an expansive interior space that exudes an air of luxury and comfort. The generous legroom ensures ample space for each passenger to relax and unwind during the journey.
  • Plush Reclining Seats: The shuttle van features sumptuous, plush reclining seats upholstered in high-quality, luxurious materials. These seats offer unparalleled comfort, allowing passengers to adjust their positions for maximum relaxation throughout the trip.
  • Gaming Table: A gaming table provides entertainment and functionality, allowing passengers to engage in various activities or work while on the move. The table is elegantly designed and equipped with integrated amenities for convenience.
  • Stadium Seating: The innovative stadium-style seating arrangement ensures optimal visibility for all passengers, creating an immersive and enjoyable travel experience. Each seat is strategically positioned to offer an unobstructed view, enhancing the overall journey.
  • Entertainment System: The van boasts a state-of-the-art HD TV complemented by a cutting-edge Bluetooth sound system. Passengers can indulge in their favorite movies, music, or presentations with exceptional audiovisual quality, elevating the onboard entertainment experience.
  • Individual Cupholders: Thoughtfully integrated individual cupholders provide convenience for passengers to keep their beverages secure while enjoying the ride.
  • Dimmable Dome and Accent Lighting: To create the perfect ambiance, the van features customizable dimmable dome and accent lighting. Passengers can adjust the lighting to suit their preferences, whether it’s setting a relaxing mood or creating an energizing atmosphere.

Overall, the Cabot Coach Builders Royale division’s Mercedes-Benz Sprinter shuttle van redefines luxury travel, offering an unmatched combination of comfort, style, and cutting-edge amenities for a truly unforgettable journey.


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