Transit Community Outreach RETREAT + Lav

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4x4 - QVM Sprinter UpfitterThe Transit Community Outreach Mobile Retreat + Lav, by Cabot Specialty Vehicles, is a Ford Transit Van that has been thoughtfully designed to provide a private and comfortable environment for meetings and other activities in remote locations where privacy is needed. The van is equipped with all the amenities of a conference room, ensuring a professional and comfortable atmosphere for participants.

One of the standout features of the Community Outreach Mobile Retreat is its two breakout rooms, which provide a private and secluded space for small group discussions or private conversations. These rooms are designed to be soundproof and comfortable, with ample seating and lighting to ensure a productive and focused environment.

In addition to the two breakout rooms, the van is equipped with a lavatory with a cassette toilet offering independence and privacy, making it ideal for remote meetings. Cassette toilets are user-friendly and easy to operate. They have a self-contained flushing mechanism and a waste tank that can be removed like a cassette for emptying.

The van’s Battery+ system, a groundbreaking innovation by Cabot Specialty Vehicles, seamlessly combines advanced batteries with solar technology. This innovative power system allows the van to operate throughout the day without the need for constant recharging, noisy generators, or running the vehicle engine.

Overall, the Community Outreach Mobile Retreat + Lav is an ideal solution for organizations or individuals who need a private and comfortable space for meetings and activities in remote locations. With its versatile design and powerful amenities, it provides a flexible and adaptable space for any type of gathering.

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