Transit Mobile Phlebotomy

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4x4 - QVM Sprinter UpfitterThe Community Outreach Mobile Medical Van, created by Cabot Specialty Vehicles, is a specially designed Ford Transit Van that serves as a mobile phlebotomy unit. This vehicle offers two dedicated nurses' stations and three blood draw chairs, ensuring efficient and comfortable healthcare services on the go.

One of the standout features of this medical van is its advanced power system, known as the COV Battery+ system. This innovative system combines batteries with solar power to provide continuous energy supply throughout the day without the need for recharging or running the vehicle’s engine. By eliminating the requirement for a noisy generator, the medical van offers a quiet and peaceful environment for patients and medical staff.

The COV Battery+ system not only powers the vehicle but also provides all the necessary conveniences and temperature control of a traditional nurse's lab. The system ensures that essential medical equipment, including refrigeration units for storing samples, can be operated smoothly. It also enables the van to maintain a comfortable temperature for patients and medical professionals alike, even during extended hours of operation.

The Ford Transit Van, transformed by Cabot Specialty Vehicles, is equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment and supplies necessary for phlebotomy procedures. The two nurses’ stations are designed to offer a comfortable workspace for medical professionals, allowing them to efficiently carry out their tasks. Additionally, the three blood draw chairs provide a relaxed and accommodating environment for patients during the blood collection process.

With its mobile and self-sustaining nature, the Community Outreach Mobile Medical Van by Cabot Specialty Vehicles plays a crucial role in bringing healthcare services directly to communities. It eliminates the need for patients to travel to medical facilities for routine blood work, ensuring convenient access to essential healthcare services.

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